Missing menu for local adjustments at right click

I’m using PL6 and I like the round menu when working with local adjustments.
→ Right click-> Choose the filter I like
This is very smart and also very fast, because the mouse is there where you work.

Now I like some of the new features in PL7. So I tested PL7 and I’m missing this round menu for the local adjusments.
I hope I just don’t have it enabled or whatever. Can someone help me?
Because every time I want to change the mask type I have to go to the right to select the next mask…
I can’t imagine they would throw such a good workflow into the bin.

And yet …
As the tools existed, they should have kept it and give user the choice to activate it or not.


That’s how it works now… so think about whether you want ( have to ) to go down the new path.

New design should add new ways. Not remove some …

I agree that the pre-PLv7 user-interface for Local Adjustments provided an intuitive way of working … The problem is posed to DxO, tho, was that it was inhibiting ready inclusion of new LA correction tools … which is the reason why it was ditched in favour of the RHS pallet.

Note: I’m not defending this change - just explaining it from DxO’s perspective.

This does not justify the loss of mouse menu to choose fastly the desired mask to create.
Indeed the old floating palette was not possible. But mouse menu to create masks could have stay.
Why remove existing functionnalities ? Why reduce ergonomic ?

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They had to move the “equaliser” to the right side in order to allow for more local settings, like the colour wheel, which would have been impossible on the equaliser. But, more importantly, they introduced the idea of mask selectivity for certain mask types and there was no way you could display that from the circular palette. So, in providing for that, which radically changed how you use Control Lines and Points, the right palette had to grow (in PL5) and it became essential to work on the right palette as part of the mask creation process.

Since there had been many complaints about how difficult it was to adjust the sliders on the equaliser and, since you had to work on the right palette for mask selectivity, it was logical to move the equaliser sliders to the side palette in order to make working with them easier, as well as providing the possibility of more complex adjustments like the colour wheel.

Did you know that you can float the LA palette to sit wherever you want on screen?

But you now have the entire palette, with tool selection, selectivity and adjustments, floating wherever you want. And no right mouse click necessary to show it.

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Difference is that mouse menu appears under the mouse, without need to look at the side of the screen and move mouse then go back.
Much faster and less distracting when need to switch from brush to eraser or line to point protection. For instance.

Do you mean it can appear under mouse as mouse menu do in v6 ?
Didn’t have enough time to fully use V7 when I installed trial version.

It floats wherever you place it and you can either hide it or move it out of the way. See my screenshot.

Yes, ok. Same as v6 floating windows.
Not the same ergonomic as floating menu.

But there still are shortcuts to make instantaneous change of masks tools without moving mouse and eyes from image (and I prefer the shorcuts way than the menu way).

But it’s better to not throw away existing features when it is not mandatory.