Missing intensity information for local adjustments on my Mac

Hello everyone. I’ve recently had a limitation when using U-Points in the local settings in DXO Photolab 6 Elite.
When changing a value (exposure, contrast,…) the intensity of the change is no longer displayed. The blue bar still appears, but the numerical value no longer appears. I mean during the change, not before or after the change.
A new installation didn’t change the situation.
I suspect it’s due to the switch to MacOs Sonoma. Have any of you also made this observation?

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I can confirm I have the same issue. I’m also running MacOS 14.1.

Looks like a Mac-only issue … Not evident on the Win version.

@Harke41 ; you could add a “Mac” tag to the title of your post.

Yes, probably Sonoma as I don’t have this issue with Ventura 13.5.2.

Done. :ok_hand:

I’m not seeing the “Mac” tag, Harald … It should appear where the “Bug” tag shows;

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I added Mac in the title because mac isn’t offered in the tags.

Ahh - Apols, Harald - I didn’t notice.


Issue not visible with DPL6.10.1 on macOS Monterey 12.7.1