Missing images using PhotoLibrary search feature

first of all sorry if this topic has already been treated in some other thread. :slight_smile:
i recently upgraded PL to version 2 (on Windows) and i have some problem searching images using Photolibrary.
For example if i search an image by focal, and i look at results i notice that beside a found image, there is also an ā€˜Image file missingā€™ item referring the same image (see attached image).
Looking at the ā€˜image propertiesā€™ of both images i notice that Name and Path Name are the same.
On filesystem i found:

  • 1 XXXX.orf file
  • 1 XXXX.orf.dop file
  • 1 XXXX.xmp file

Is there a way to delete and recreate the index?
How can i solve this?


Orf is original raw file.
dop is made by PL v1 or v2 (if you upgraded all v1.2 dopfiles are ā€œtaken overā€ by v2.0)
XMP, this one you had made by your one. (if you give this temporally the name xxxxold.xmp does this image file missing stil occure? or make a subfolder and move the xmp file in there, it donā€™t see the xmp or it creates a other one pointing towards that new folder and then you know if the xmp influences the PL DataBase.)
I had also missing files but more as DB left overs of deleted/moved folders and files with i did out side the enviroment of PL. (it pointed towards a folder which i ones used but moved to other place or deleted.) (this is a normal itch by using DAMā€™s you corrupt its DB if you donā€™t do all changes inside the DAM.)
Reconnecting is causing ā€œvirtual copiesā€ because it thinks there are two. (seperate folders)

But in you case it is thinking there are two on the same folder.

First of all thanks!!!
I solved the problem recreating the indexā€¦ now everything is ok!!! something must have gone wrong during the update :slight_smile: