Missing image bar PL6 on a Mac

While I can see the image bar if I undock it, I can’t redock it. It simply disappears. I can’t figure out how to bring it back (along with the export button). I’m sure this is simple but… Thanks!

In the “View” dropdown click on “Show/Hide image browser”. This works on Windows and should work on Mac too.

Mark, there is no Show/hide image browser setting in the View dropdown on the Mac. :cry:

Did you drag the image browser down to give yourself more screen space?

If so you should have a very small white dot in the centre on the bottom edge. Either double click the dot (I think) or drag that dot up.

I’m not at the computer to clarify which of the two but I hide the browser all the time as on a small screen and that’s how I get it back.

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On my Mac, the filmstrip/image browser can be docked/undocked with command-U.
It works in both Photo Library and Customize views.

If the browser is invisible, it’s probably minimised to the bottom of the window.
Press shift-TAB to to unhide the browser’s top bar.



I had the same after update to 6.0.1.

There is a very small point down in the middle of the window. Touch it with your mouse, hold the mouse button and push it up.

Wosse, I have tried that any number of times–both before and after posting my query and nothing happens re: the image browser. I can only seem to move the window up or down. I don’t think that’s my solution.

I’ve had this happen many, many times in the previous version of PhotoLab too, on my Macbook Air.

Make sure PL is open full-screen. Put you curser anywhere along the bottom of the screen, but not quite all the way. An arrow with a line under it will appear. Click on that and hold it while you drag the curser up, at least an inch, until the filmstrip appears. Don’t release until you see the filmstrip. This can be very tricky sometimes, but just keep trying and it will work. If you have a DOCK that is hidden most of the time at the bottom of your screen that pops up and down when your curser goes to the bottom like I do, that ads to the confusion. I usually go to the bottom left of the screen and find the up-arrow. If your DOCK opens up then the up-arrow will not appear. At least this is how it works for me

The image browser has become hidden. Move your cursor over the little gray/silver button underneath the large image. The cursor will change to an icon that looks like a horizontal bar with an arrow. Now click and drag up until the image browser is revealed.

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FINALLY!! Thanks!