Missing features

Hi, having watched several videos, i seem to be ,missing lots of features in version 3. Could this be that i upgraded from to 2 to 3? i have always paid so all legal.

I don’t understand; more detail, please.

Do you have the Elite version or the Essential version? There are many more features in the Elite version and I think that most of the videos are dedicated to the Elite version.

Essential and Elite are levels of PhotoLab licensing. It appears to me that the question concerns Nik Collection by DxO. @funktheory, are you using Nik 3 on Windows or Mac? With Adobe software, PhotoLab, with something else, or by itself? And which video(s) are you watching?

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Yes I missed that. I should read which forum was used before posting. :roll_eyes:
I will leave the post up since I think it’s accurate, even though not useful for the OP.