Missed 4K menu resize in ver 2.04 - updated info

First I am quite happy with the update to NIK Collection (2.04). The toolbox for Photoshop is now readable and works fine, thank you. Now when will we see the control sliders for Dfine 2, Viveza 2, Sharpener 3 display in the same manner as the rest of the applications? They are still the same as before within a 4K type display.

I am going to test with the DXO essential to see if the results are the same. I suspect no change if so I will update this post.

Testing with DXO Photolab 2 all of the NIK Collection slider controls were displayed correctly. I am now working on changing cache sizes etc, on Photoshop to see if that makes a difference. Any input would be appreciated.

It would appear that Photoshop is the issue. Not sure why. Lightroom Classic will open Dfine 2 properly. After manually removing temp files and cache PS still cannot run the above NIK apps with the new control slider configuration. I just applied the latest update as well.

I am running Windows 10 with the 1903 update.