Miscellaneous 4k comment

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Just tried the trial software, glad I found this thread. The software is unusable on my 4k laptop. I hope they fix it as it is something I would like to use.

I have somewhat the same issue, I was using it on a 27 inch 4k monitor and it was a pain you know where, but I have since moved to a 43 inch LG 4k and though small it is usable.

Sorry - my comment applies to Photo Lab and not Nik Collection.

On Apple, the way to deal with 4K programs is to run the display on a Retina setting. My BenQ PD3200U display (3840x2160px, 30 inch) for example is set to show interface elements at 2560x1440. DxO Photo Lab recognises the native pixels for the image but the interface is shown in retina (i.e. larger). I believe Windows has similar functionality.

That said, I find file names on the file browser a little bit too small and too low contrast to read easily on my secondary monitor (native 2560x1600px, 30 inch). I’d love to be able to tweak font sizes to a slightly larger size.