Minolta Dimage A1 support

MRW (raw) files not recognized in PL5

Unfortunately this is a very longstanding issue going back long before PL5. Because MRW raw files weren’t supported by the DxO ancestor of PhotoLab, I ended up mostly shooting JPG with my Minolta Dimage A2. Would be nice to see this implemented, though.

Thanks for your comment.
But it is strange, on my PhotoLab 5 installation I can see the Konica (Brand) Minolta DiIMAGE A2 (Camera bodies) module selectable to download on the DxO Optics Module. But not the A1.
Have a look, please.

I see. I have the A2 camera/lens module installed, but it only support JPG, not MRW. Perhaps they never developed a module for the A1?

Ok, then. For the A1 not even support for JPG, it simply doesn’t show in the list. Anyway most of the pictures I took were MRW.
Thanks anyway.