Mini Survey: two questions about presets. I need your feedback!

Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask you two questions about Presets in DxO PhotoLab:

Right now when you activate the Presets overlay (clicking on the top right button), you’ll have a 4 columns preview, no matter how big your screen is. On 4K and above monitors you’ll have aways a preview with a 4-column layout because the thumbnail size adapts to fill the available width.

Question #1: Would you like, on such large screens, to have smaller thumbnails but an extra 1 or 2 columns (hence getting more presets previews at a glance without scrolling)?

Question #2: Which new presets would you like to add to DxO PhotoLab? Please, specify the type (like “Night photography”) and the expected result.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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Q1: The previews are too small; I’d like full screen that could be tabbed through.
Q2: No opinion.

Q1: I have a 27inch screen and I am happy as it is
Q2: No opinion

  1. On my 34" 3440x1440 screen it looks like this. Maybe another couple of columns would be useful, although to be honest I think it is ok as it is. Quite often I work on a graphics tablet and I think 6 columns may be too much for smaller resolution screens.

  1. I think some night photography, maybe city scape presets would be useful. I quite like some of the vintage photo elements from Analogue Efex, maybe some Infra Red, or maybe even some colour grading taken from various cinema classics.

With regard to question one, I have a 28 inch, 4K screen and if anything I would want the ability to see the presets larger than they are now, not smaller.

For the second question, I don’t have any specific new presets in mind. As you may know I created 82 partial presets for all the FilmPack 5 film types, which are being used by a number of members of this forum. I restate here that DXO may use those presets any way they wish as long as they don’t charge a separate fee for them.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for your feedback :+1:
The idea is not to add 1 or 2 extra columns everywhere, but only to better use the additional space on a large monitor to show more columns here :wink:

Hi Mark,
Yes, we are aware of your great proposition! Thanks a lot for that!!

Thanks for your feedback too.


My input to Q1: Slider (or simple ± buttons) to change the number of previews.

My input to Q2: Nightshots! This would be helpful for DPL too in order to not turn night into day…


Thanks for your suggestion(s).

1: Let the user configure the number of rows & columns, and the % of screen width to be used - the images could then scale to fit that.

2a: Color recovery for old scanned prints & transparencies
2b: High ISO night shots

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I copied Mike1 once because I’m lazy today
1: Let the user configure the number of rows & columns, and the % of screen width to be used - the images could then scale to fit that.

2a: Color recovery for old scanned prints & transparencies
2b: High ISO night shots

Thanks Mike1 :innocent:


OK, understood. I think it is OK as current. I see in other editing programs that the thumbnail showing the preview is very small, I think that Dxo shows a larger preview is a good thing and makes the choosing more easy. I personally don’t mind if there is some more scrolling involved.

i wil answer without reading the reply’s first:
Q1 : i think the amount and size of the thumbnails is good enough, maybe when i hoover over it with a mouse a form of “double the size” on the selected one. (where the pointer is)
That way i can see better if it’s the right one.
Q2: difficult to say, i have a general preset which i use mostly and created some partial presets out the presets in the list to change some things but in general i don’t use the large amount of presets much. (i start to adjust from feel of the thing not in a premeditated workplan and if i need some auto change a full preset undo that first step of adjusting which cause me to start over.)
So i made a skin setting out of your portrait preset, i can apply this at any time and it only places the skin related contrast things and colors:

this i could also do for contrast types. low - mid - high global and low mid high in tonality (when you have Filmpack)

Q2b what i would like to see as extra’s are:

  • night photography (so we can see what it looks like if a pro would set up the sliders. :wink:
  • sky enhancement in blue and sundown.
  • detail extracter like we have in NIK (to pull out detail to the max. without overpush it.
  • flower mode. (detail and colorbalance)
    Why? well i / we can learn from those presets how we best can set up the sliders to start from if we like to use this in a certain image. That’s how i see default profided presets, examples how i can do things. And if i understand the why and how i make my own (partial) one if i like the effects, so it doesn’t interfere with my personal finetuning for my camera profile.

Q3 you didn’t ask ;-): but how can we improve the user interface:
i would to have some rating/ favorite function to group my most used/liked and or tagg them as such. see the full extended row of presets is gathered in the time:

(I thank Mark for his work on the Filmpack presets. )

If i could rate my presets with stars i could easier choose from the load of previews. So i don’t have to rename them and put them in a my “like it folder”.

The Preset Editor is maybe a bit “outdated” in user interface. :slight_smile:

  • I certainly wouldn’t like to see the thumbnails any smaller.
  • Would it not be possible to apply a scaleable result?; Such that, if a large screen is detected then additional column(s) are added, as screen real-estate allows … BUT, never smaller thumbnails than the current default.

I suggest another improvement to Preset presentation;

  • Currently, as each Preset group is expanded (General Purpose, Landscape & Portrait, etc) the drop-down list becomes deeper and deeper.
  • I reckon it would be better if, as each new group is expanded, any group that’s already expanded should first be contracted … This would make it easier to explore the preset options.

No specific preference for new presets - but the suggestion for “Night Photography” sounds good !

Note: I don’t see any benefit to including any of the FilmPack presets - as it’s actually faster to evaluate them by simply using Down-Arrow on the “Rendering” selection … For example;

  • Select Color Rendering / Category … say, “Color positive film”
  • Select the first option for Rendering … it will be applied to the current image.
  • Then simply press Down-Arrow to scroll thru all available renderings in this category.

Regards, John M

However, assuming the average FilmPack owner only uses a small number of favorite film types on a regular basis, it makes sense to me to have presets installed for just those dozen or less film types rather than scrolling through all 82 film types in 4 separate lists to find your favorites, and perhaps scroll past them inadvertently, or select the wrong one by accident. That is what I do, and I can apply them to an image in a fraction of the time it would take to scroll down a list to find them. Increased productivity was my purpose in creating the presets in the first place.I never intended that everyone would have all 82 presets installed, although some people probably do.



  • Apply Preset
    selecting “apply preset” the whole preset selection window overtakes the picture. After selecting for example “Blue tone” the preset selection window dissapears an I see the result. I have to open it again for next selction (Windows system).
    For me it would be better if undockable and possible to customize in size. After selecting a preset I would like to see it immediately on the picture, and the “apply preset” window still is open for selecting the next one.

  • Preset editor (left side)
    For choosing the preset I have to make a double klick, or right click - Apply, or hit the Apply button and it’s assigned direct
    The Preset Editor is undockable an i can use it on my second screen (both screens are 27")
    For me it would be better only to click once the preset, it’s assigned and I can use the up/down arrow button to choose another one.

Thanks for your inputs so far…keep going :wink: :+1:

Q1 : J’aimerais voir les pré-réglages plus grand
Q2 : Pas d’idée perso sur le sujet… Pour les fans d’instagram, peux être une section avec des filtres idem Insta ???

Hi Steven. On number one I personally would rather see larger thumbnails than more of them.

On number two I have no preference.

Thanks for working so hard to try and please us!

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Fair enough, Mike - - I had not considered this aspect.

John M