Migrating from aperture to Photolab 2


Do you have any feedback regarding how to perform migration from aperture 3 to PhotoLab2 (Mac OS) ?

thanks in advance


It‘s been a while since I tried Aperture and some of what I‘ll write might therefore be a little bit off track. If you could provide more info, we‘d be able to taylor the steps to take in order to keep as much of what you have and have done with your images like processing, keywords etc.

Can you see all your originals without aperture?
Are your originals rgb (jpg, tif…) or raw or both?
Have you added keywords and other metadata?
Do you use albums, face detection, geotags?
Do you have a backup of all your images?
Are you ready to start all over?
How many images?

Why do I ask these questions?
Apple‘s image apps keep metadata in a catalog. PhotoLab uses a catalog (database) too, but no catalog import functionality. It imports xmp metadata from sidecar files or embedded in images. It is therefore important to make sure to „marry“ original images with their metadata.

Check this out looking for Aperture https://support.dxo.com/hc/de/categories/360000945872-DxO-PhotoLab-2


Thanks for your quick answer !
Somme additional info as requested :

  • Currently all my originals are in aperture
  • originals both RAW & JPG (50/50)
  • no keywords, some other metadata but I can get rid of it
  • few dynamic albums (based on starred photos), no face detection, no geotags
  • most of the photos are starred (1 to 5 stars)
  • I’m currently using Aperture backup features (aka banks)
  • starting all over …it depends… probably if possible I’d go for keeping RAW and the modified RAW exported as JPEG
  • around 24 000 photos

I’ll check the link, thanks !