Migrating DxO PL 5 to anew computer

Is there an easy way to migrate the Win version of DxO PL 5 to a new PC? I’m only interested in moving the program. Is it possible to unregister the software on one PC then install DxO and use the same licence key on the new PC?

Do you have PL5 Essential or Elite?

I have the Elite version.

Ah, okay. You can activate PL5 Elite on three different computers. If you have not used three activations previously, then no need to “migrate” from one computer to another, simply download the latest update from the The My Account page of the DxO Website then simply install on your new computer.

If you’ve used up all three activations the you will have to contact DxO Support at support.dxo.com. Explain your situation and ask to have the activation on your old computer removed and reassigned to your new computer.

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That’s great. Many thanks for your help.

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