Has anyone found a way of zeroing this for good? I have tried to create presets with it at zero, but it keeps creeping back at 5% and has to be zeroed every time.

There may have been a time, specifically before having to pay for Filmpack 5 so as to get the far more useful Fine Contrast sliders, it may have been some use. But no way when once one has the Fine split into highlights etc.

create or modify your preset

I have previously done this in DxO, but it came back. Am trying again in PhotoLab

I don’t know why you want to have microcontrast at zero, but because its a part of sharpening (microcontrast is used for sharpening a image,) can it be effected by the lens module?

The only way its not zeroed is if the auto wand is activated. Just unclick the wand and save as a new preset.


I have tried the Preset way again and this time it does seem to have stuck.

@OXiDant - the microcontrast does not sharpen; it merely adds grain. For sharpening Fine Contrast is quite good, but it is not part of PhotoLab, you have to also buy FilmPack. Also, my impression is that Unsharp Mask is better than it was, but maybe it is just the higher res Retina Screen makes it easier to use

I do not see the same issue as you do. Microcontrast is set to 0 on my images by default, and that is using the Dxo default preset. Perhaps it has something to do with the Filmpack addition? Or perhaps it is the default Dxo setting for your raw images?

If you could post one of the raw images you have this issue with then others could see if they see the same thing with your images.