Micro 4/3 lens without optical module... (olympus 12-45 f/4)

Hello everyone,

I’m using the Olympus 12-45 f/4 lens on my E-M5.3.
This lens has currently no DxO module (I don’t know when it will be available).

The problem is that micro 4/3 have built-in lens corrections that are not taken into account in DxO.
That’s fine when a module is available, because the corrections from DxO are better than the original.
However, when there is no module… how can we process a file?
The distorsion is really huge so there’s no way I can process my files without any lens correction.

There is no “temporary” solution where dxo can take into account the built in corrections (that are included in the RAW metadata)?

There’s nothing on dxo website on this lens… so I don’t even know if there is something planned…

Hi, @SojiOkita. For now, you can request that the lens be supported at the bottom of this page:


There is no temporary solution in PhotoLab except to use the out-of-camera JPEG image and/or manually adjust the distortion correction sliders for RAW. In the case of a zoom lens, distortion can change with focal length, further complicating the problem.

I wonder if what you’re asking for is possible. Are there any RAW developers that use lens distortion correction data from the RAW file? Don’t they all rely on a database such as Lensfun or a set of individual camera/lens profiles?

Have you submitted a support request on the DXO website. That is the official way to register interest in seeing a lens module being produced?

LR/PS only uses the lens correction built into the raw file for all MFT lenses, although they do support other makes with either Adobe or user lens corrections. Most raw converters will either use the embedded lens corrections in the raw file or a third party alternative like Lensfun. DXO corrections are the best and normally DXO support MFT quite well as their unique “sauce” (PRIME/Lens corrections) is more beneficial to MFT than to other systems like FF.

The 12-45mm F4 is a new lens and I would expect DXO to support it fairly quickly. As I said submitting a request helps :slight_smile:


Lightroom and Capture 1 are able to process the metadata, but it’s understandable that dxo does not.

I just asked for support today… The lens is 4 months old… so I’m surprised it’s still not supported.

With my old camera system, an unsupported lens was not a big deal… I could process the files, and wait for the support to get improvement if needed.
With lenses with built-in corrections, if the lens is unsupported, then you can’t use dxo at all.

I agree that DxO corrections are the best, I’ve been very satisfied with their m43 corrections so far, but if I can’t use it for photos with one lens, I won’t use it with the other lenses either: when I develop a series of pictures, I want to use one single software to get consistent results.

So I’ll just wait :slight_smile:
Is there any list somewhere of future supported gear?

Not that I am aware of one

Hello @SojiOkita,

future support of lenses can be seen in second table of page https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/supported-cameras/ but I’m afraid I haven’t updated it lately.

Anyway support of the M.Zuiko 12-45mm will be added at the very beginning of September.


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Thanks Marie, That’s great news!