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I contacted support and they assured me that when the new keyword feature is brought to Photolab 3 that there would be a way of adding descriptions and titles to subjects, I see since keywords have been added to the windows versions none of these things still exist why?.

Why do I need to be able to add titles or descriptions as well as keywords you may ask?

This is because when I send up pictures of nature subjects to picture agencies they need to have a description or title of what the subject is.

At the present time if I want to describe what a subject is in the metadata, I have to do this in another software, this is ridiculous situation for me.

I want to be able to add all the metadata in photolab 3 I dont want to adjust the image in photolab and then have to use other software to add titles and descriptions of subjects.

Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, Affinty Photo, Capture one allow you to do this why not Photolab 3?

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Correct me if I’m wrong but, Affinity Photo does not modify metadata neither does PL, in the export window you can check/uncheck save metadata, same in PL & AP.

PL3 was coming with able to add keywords, never read

*AP Staff = A lot of work has been done for 1.8 changing the EXIF panel into the Metadata panel, where editable elements are editable and read-only elements are presented. We look forward to your feedback during the forthcoming beta cycle

AP 1.8 Beta =

  • EXIF (not editable)
  • File (editable: Title, author, description, keywords, rating, etc.)
  • IPTC image (editable: various details about the image itself)
  • IPTC contact (editable: details about the author)
  • Rights (editable)
  • Detail (not editable: looks like it displays a collection of attributes including some existing XMP attributes if values were previously set)

When I use Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom I can add titles or descriptions of what the subject is.
I am not talking about changing the file name, I supply picture Agencies and for those agencies you need to add a title and description of what the subject is.

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Got it, no PL does not do that, maybe onthe backlog or future list.
I use photo mechanic for that but there’s more software doing it.

Here’s some but most are Windows only.

You should put it in “which feature do you need” and ask to get this, which sure would be nice to have.

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Yes, please, create a request and I will close this topic.

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