Metadata fails to load

I have been using my Canon R6 Mk2 for a few weeks now without any issues. I am shooting compressed raw with the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens. Today I took about 200 test shots in my backyard. When I tried to view them in PhotoLab, I can only see a thumbnail for some of them. There is a ! highlighted on the photos with an error message indicating that the camera cannot be identified. I also see a notice that the metadata failed to load.

What happened? Is there any way to recover the photos? I am about to leave on a two week trip and I certainly don’t want to lose photos from the trip.

I exaamined the original files on the SD card and the metadata seems to be fine there. Apparently something happened when I copied the files to my NAS for editing.

Unfortunately PhotoLab does not support compressed RAW. Your photos have not been damaged - you will need to convert them to another format if you really want to process them in PL

As already noted by @Joanna, this is why PL is not recognising your photos. Set your camera to shoot plain vanilla uncompressed RAW files.

This is really confusing. I can read and edit the files just fine from the SD Card. I can also access them when I copy them to an SSD. Some of the files are working just fine from the NAS as well. In fact, I never noticed an issue in the past with the NAS and I think I have been using cRAW exclusively since it helps reduce the load on the camera buffer.

I double checked the file types on my NAS. I have some .CR2 (RAW) files from my 80D along with a whole lot of .CR3 (cRAW) files from my R6.

If I read your post correctly, the one very same file can be opened by PhotoLab, if the file is not on the NAS, but on the SD card or internal SSD? If this should be the case, I’d drop the NAS for reasons of data availability and -protection.

Compressed raw can be a problem, but the situation with Canon files is not just black or white:

Bottom line

  • cRAW → supported
  • mRAW → not supported
  • sRAW → not supported

In that case, a few more questions…

  • Which version of PL?
  • What happens if you copy to a local drive instead of the NAS?

Sounds like time for a backup and new NAS. Or it was just some temporary issue when copying.

Just did a series of bursts with cRAW and cRAW+jpg (with a Canon). All files showed up editable in PL without warnings , irrespective of file locations (flash drive or copied to SSD).


Could you please make a file that is having the problem when opening it in PL from the NAS available to us for download ?

OR is your NAS a Synology device and are you reading the files from Photo Station ?

I am using PL 6 with Canon R6Mk2 and Sigma 150-600 f6.3 lens.

I am just finishing up packing for my trip and unfortunately I reformatted the SD cards before I realized that I did not save the images. My NAS is a Synology but I don’t notice any issues with other files or applications and as I said before, everything with PhotoLab 6 has been working fine as well for the past few months. I am not familiar with Photo Station, is that a Synology app? My NAS is being accessed as a file server from my M1 Mac Mini.

At this point there is not much I can do to recreate the problem. So I will have to just move forward with my photo trip and assume that if there is a problem, it can be resolved when I return in two weeks.

Have a nice trip - and do NOT use mRAW and sRAW!

Using m/sRAW isn’t an option in the menus on bodies released in the past 6 years or so. If it gives you a CR3, your only options are DP-RAW, regular RAW and cRAW. So the issue of people getting tricked into using the not-actually-RAW m/sRAW has gone away for modern Canon bodies.

What is a DP-RAW?

Dual Pixel Raw: Canon : Product Manual : EOS R8 : Dual Pixel RAW

Since each pixel in Canon DPAF sensors has not one, but 2 photodiodes, DP-RAW will store both values instead of combining them. This will make the file twice as big and currently only DPP4 can do something with it: relighting faces, tweaking background blur and fine-tuning focus.

There are a bunch of research papers out there that describing getting depth maps from that data, adjust background blur and getting an extra stop of dynamic range. But so far there hasn’t been anything consumer facing that is ready to use that makes us of dual pixels.

And it looks like DP-RAW is a toggle for recent camera bodies, you can use it with cRAW as well now, I don’t think my R5 allows that.

Yes. It is known to send files with stripped metadata in some cases.

I returned from my trip and have not seen this issue again. I have reviewed 2500 of the 7500 photos I took and they all seem to be just fine.

no, in their eternal wisdom Canon stores combined value and then in addition just from one sub-sensel… ( but left or right - nobody knows it seems :slight_smile: )

practically good is = " in Dual Pixel Raw mode, the camera records into one file some equivalent of two shots, bracketed by (approximately) 1 EV . "

a pity that raw converters do not bother to use that