Merging FP and VP with Nik Collection

So, If I understand well, DXO is the owner of Nik Collection, and kills it just by keeping/maintaining, year after year, its internal competitor FilmPack and ViewPoint that more or less are the same products but that benefits of Dxo Lab technology and Nik not as said here. So strange marketing point of view and so confusing and unfair for the Dxo Customers who do not know where they stand each year when they have to choose to upgrade both licences… Same question with Nik perspective and ViewPoint…

How long should we continue to support those endless erring ways ? It’s time to clean confusing and redondant products by merging them once and offering us the best of both world in a readable product range !
Without talking about the “hidden subscription price” of the yearly upgrades, DXO lost guys year after year by still keeping that messy product range and it’s a pity because of the quality of each software. Don’t forget the “less is more” marketing paradigm…

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don’t compare vegetables and fruits.

first of all, Nik collection is an old plugin for photoshop, DxO bought it off Google and worked on it to make it up to date as it was old coding. but it is mainly a plugin for 3rd party software, for people that don’t use PL. example photoshop users and affinity photo users.

second, filmpack and viewpoint are add-on to PL, meaning they unlock attribute to make PL a complete software, though they can be use as stand alone… for people not using PL.

at the end, if you have PL with FP and VP… you most likely don’t need Nik or if you have PL and Nik 6 than you most likely won’t need FP and VP as you can do the same within Nik *but sending file as .tiff and being destructible workflow from PL. same as if you use PL… why would you need the use of PureRAW if PL Elite does everything but you have control of what to be worked on.

2 different software for 2 difference audience.