Max size for Viewpoint..?

I wanted to try Viewpoint on a very wide file, instead of Photoshop…the picture is a tad over 41000 pixels wide and saved as tiff (16bit). I’m not using the latest version of Viewpoint, but Viewpoint didn’t refuse at the outset to open the file, but after “reading it” I got the message “file can not be opened”…no explanation why not. So…was file too large…? – …or was there something else…?
I’m on Mac running El Capitan for Viewpoint…

Everything you need to know about DxO ViewPoint 4 - DxO :

What image file formats are compatible with DxO ViewPoint 4

When used as a standalone application, or as a plugin for Adobe software, DxO ViewPoint handles JPG or TIFF files up to 200 Mb in size. However, when DxO ViewPoint is installed as an extension to DxO PhotoLab, where it appears as a dedicated palette on the Customize tab, it handles any RAW file format supported by DxO.

I would guess the limit applies to uncompressed size but I may be wrong.
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OK, thanks – the file I tried was about one gigabyte, so much too big then. And I was using Viewpoint 1.2.2
(The adjustment I wanted to make was minimal and Photoshop’s “lens control” couldn’t do “minimal”…)
If I can ask one more question – I’m using PhotoLab 3 – what version of Viewpoint would “accompany” this, now outdated, version of PhotoLab…?

You can find such info hre: