Mavic Pro 2 Support

Lets become Photo Lab more Drone friendly :wink:
I would love to see that you guys add the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to your software.

You can request it here officially:

already done :wink: thanks!

Hello @tricade,

Mavic Pro 2 is in our roadmap but with all new cameras to be released soon we have to give some priorities.
We will do more drones but cameras like Nikon Z7 will be done first. I hope you won’t blame us for that.


Thats nice to hear !!! Many thanks for the reply!

Now that Version 2 is out any news regarding the Mavic 2 Pro support?

Hello @tricade,

we are working on support of Mavic 2 PRO at the moment so I hope delay for a release with it won’t be too long for you.

Best regards,

Thanks for the update ! Good to see !

Is it possible to provide a timeline on when we can expect support for Mavic 2 DNG format? I was considering buying and did 30-days trial, but saw that it wasn’t supported. So, yeah, a timeline would be good.

Hello @fenrir,

we will support Mavic 2 PRO this week.
Mavic 2 ZOOM will be supported in February or March.



I bought version 2 just because of the support of the mav2 … hopefully they add it this year…


Thats nice to see thanks a lot !!!

That’s great to hear! Looking forward to it.


its out !!!

Thanks very much for this update. The profile is working great and the images I can pull from the DNG’s are awesome.