Masking in Color Efex Pro

I just installed Nik Collection 5 and I was surprised by the different behavior of the monochromatic mask display in comaprison with former versions. Positive and negative control points are always displayed as white and that sucks. In the former version filter was apllied to whole picture, until using control point. If positive control point was used, in the monochromatic mask was affected area shown as white and, on the contrary, the negative point area was black. Is there any special setting how to return this behaviour back?

Yes, it’s very unfortunate. DxO dropped this feature that helped to discern the selection made quick & easy. – In the ‘renewed’ version you have to rely on the preview when adjusting luminance and chrominance sliders. :frowning:

I have a response from DXO:

Thanks for contacting DxO.

There are no options for changing the appearance of positive or negative control points, but I’ll pass your feedback to the Nik Collection developers so they can consider this for future updates.

Kind regards,
Steve - DxO Labs Support Team

Es decir, porque no hay puntos de control negativos??? Cómo destacado el sujeto del fondo??? Quiero una solución o que me devuelvan el dinero…
NikCollection 5 no funciona bien!!!

Still using Color Efex Pro 4 and It’s best for color grading.