Mapping a Wacom tablet to PL7

Hi there, as part of my transition from Lightroom, I’m trying to set up my Wacom tablet to work with PL7. Try as I might, though, I’m struggling to map my wheel to increase/decrease the size of brushes.

Is this possible at all? I would have thought that kind of function would be native (as it is with Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One), but it would seem not.

Unless I’m doing something wrong?

Have you tried by keeping the CTRL key pressed?

please look for @Wolfgang Wacom … there is a long list ( I’m using Intuos pro M )

Actually that was really helpful, thanks @Wolfgang.

Just an observation on the PL7 application - HOLY CRAP the brush grows and shrinks slowly :sweat_smile:. I have to spin the wheel SO many times for small incremental changes. Maybe that’s a good thing, but if you want to go from a small brush to a large brush, it’s probably just easier grabbing the slider and dragging it across.

using Ctrl + Scroll for brush size
and Shift + Scroll for feathering

the scrolling speed (also) depends on the mouse wheel settings
( my standard → 3 rows per wheel click)