Many "New Features" in Nik Collection listed in Help are actually existing features,

It is misleading to read on the following page entitled “What is New in Analog Efex Pro 2” a list of features which are not new at all, but exist in the older Google version.

Has this content simply been cut and pasted from the old site?

For as far as I know, the work that has been done is check and update the existing code. Please do not underestimate this as it is often far more difficult to ‘read’ someone else’s code than to write code yourself.
So, and I only use the trial version, nothing has changed. But the code is ready for the future. And, honestly speaking: what caon/should be added to NIK? Despite its age, it is still futuristic in depth and width.
DXO wants to ask users what their wishes are. I wouldn’t know what to add to the existing plugins…
Perhaps add one for LUT’s?

Eric, thanks for your comment but you are responding to things you think I said, not what I actually said. I was a software engineer in a past life so I know how much work goes into coding things that don’t look like much :slight_smile:

I was asking why certain existing features are being listed as new features in the Help pages. Maybe these features have been updated, or maybe the info shouldn’t be there. That’s the exact scope of my inquiry, nothing more.

On to other things then - what should be added? It would be useful to be able to arrange Custom presets into folders. Also, being able to set the Lens Distortion to 0 rather than having to guess by eye if all you want is Chromatic Aberration. Ability to edit Tone Maps in the “Film Type” section. Ability to upload custom textures for use in Photo Plate, Dust & Scratches etc.

Good morning guys,

Yes, your suggestions and feedback are welcomed. We start developing Nik collection with fixing the most nasty bugs and problems with the latest versions of the host applications. At the same time we are working on the existing code as well to bring you new improvements and features. As for the Help online, I guess it’s mostly the issue of the Copy/Paste.

Svetlana G.