Manual Updates

I think I’m right in thinking the new Nik will ‘auto’ update like the original version. Could I make a request (plea!) for an option to ‘manually’ update at a time of our choosing … I guess ‘auto’ is fine for those with superfast broadband but for those of us with snail-band it can be a bit tedious …
Many thanks

Hi there and good question about the update process. Also curious how it works. There is nothing in the setting or a menu for checking for updates. In PL or FilmPack or ViewPoint you can do this manually.

Hi KameraD
From my previous experience with the Google version, when an update was issued it would slowly trickle down when you were connected to the internet and when the complete file (in those days it was about 650Mb) it would update your current version. As someone who disconnects my wi-fi when I’m not using it this process sometimes took several weeks!
If my memory is correct, Google’s updates became so annoying that someone developed an app to block it but I think that also applied to their other products
I think DXO are using a similar method as a ‘DXO Auto-Update Engine’ is mentioned on the product page.
I think another point might be that not everyone wants the latest version - if you’re happy with your current version and it works as you want it an update might cause problems you didn’t have before…
I agree, the method to update as used in PL etc would be much better.

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I too would like to see a way to manually choose when I want to get updates.

Had a situation just a couple of days ago where I started a Nik plugin in Photoshop and it asked me if I wanted to update to the new version. As I just needed to do a quick output sharpen for printing I told it to ‘later’. I then discover there is no way to do it manually and as yet ‘later’ has never arrived.