Manual sorting of pictures in projects


One reason I am hardly using the Projects functionality is that I am not able to sort the pictures manually. I can sort based on names, based on time added, etc., but I would like to rearrange the pictures via drag & drop, I think this is a fundamental missing feature.

yes – I use(d) it in LR 5.7 and love(d) it

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Yes please, I’d find this really useful too.

A number of tmes I’ve been photographing part of an event (lets say getting some stills of the award trophys), to then be calle over by the organiser to take apicture of something they need right then, and then I’d go back to gettign a few more shots of the trophys.

Later on I want the imaes of the throphys to all be grouped together so I currently, after exporting the images from Photolab, open the folder of exported images in Adobe Bridge, re-order them, and rename them with a sequence number at the start of the filename.

As workarounds go, this is quick and simple, but it would be nice to be able to do this all in one app. Bridge takes up a lot of space on a storage drive and I basically just use it for alterig yhe order of images and file-renaming!