Manual Indexing on a PC DxO PL6

The user manual states the following;

To manually index your folders, go into the Search for images section (PC) and/or under the input field in the Source Browser:

1. Click on Analyze a folder (PC) or on the + folder icon that precedes the label “Scan a folder” (Mac).
2. In the dialog box, select the volume (hard drive) or the folder to index (the sub-folders will be indexed as well).
3. Click on OK (PC) or on Open (Mac).
4. An animated bar will display within the Search for images section. The indexing is finished once the animated bar disappears (the duration depends on the size of the chosen volume and its contents).

All I have in Search for Images section is the text ‘+ Index a Folder’ and a Search Box. Clicking on the text doesn’t appear to do anything and certainly no progress bar or Analyze a folder or anything that the user manual indicates.

Am I missing something!?

Peter H

Hi @missedbeat ,

I am on Mac at the moment and my steps are

Make a click at the + sign Index a Folder
wait a second and point to your root folder…click Open
an you will hopefully get

have fun


Thank you Guenter, sadly that may work on a MAC but not on a PC I am afraid.


If you follow steps 1ff like shown here…

…you don’t get a “indexing in progress” bar?

Do you (try to) index a large hierarchy or a small single folder?

I have the same exact problem on a Windows PC as well. I have filed a support ticket about this.

Please file a support ticket as well and maybe we will get some answers and help.

Nothing happens when I click on the “index a folder” button. I don’t have the choice of a small or large folder…nothing.

Must be an individual issue then. A support ticket might be an idea…

Those responding are Mac users but it is similar on a PC. However, you may be having a problem reported by some others on the PC platform.

I assume this is what you are seeing.

Clicking on the + Index a folder text should bring up the following Windows Explorer Select Folder dialog box.

Once a folder is selected using this dialog box you should see this.

Underneath the text a a blue progress bar appears as the folder is being indexed. I have noted that a number of people have indicated that clicking on + Index a folder does nothing. Clearly this is an issue that needs to be addressed by DxO. I know its a pain, but you may need to create a support ticket as some others with the same problem have done.


while it does so in PL5 – nothing in PL6 RC

It also does nothing for me in PL5 (v5.5) as well as nothing in PL6. But I definitely know that it worked previously as I indexed an SSD drive in the first week of September. From what I can see, it looks like v5.5 came out in the second week of September. Maybe that is when something changed. In case I didn’t mention it earlier, I am on a Windows pc (Windows 11). I am not sure if Mac users are having the same problem.

I still haven’t had any response to my support ticket I placed a few days ago.

yes, I hope DxO will sort it out

@sgospodarenko – please pass it on