Manual distortion correction of multiple selected images not synchronizing?

Not sure if it’s a bug: I got a new lens, the Sigma 24/2 DG DN contemporary. Like all reviewers already found out, it’s distortion is on the heavy side. PL has for the new “small” i-Sigmas no profiles yet, so I selected all images of the lens and corrected the barrel distortion manually to 44. It is shown in it’s “geometry” edit pallet for all selected images. But some appeared still to be distorted so I wiggled a bit on that slider and changing it to 43 or 45 made a big jump. Apparently some edits are synchronized for all chosen images, others not. I didn’t want to apply “copy and paste adjustments”, but now I have to apply at least the geometrical ones.

Did you ‘refresh’ the corrected pics, e.g. by clicking on them (or temporarily choose another folder)?
PL5 seems to ‘stuck’ sometimes, realized this with using SEP3 and Viv3.

Meanwhile I consider it as a bug. And in terms of “non-available lens profiles” a very serious one, I can try to copy and paste adjustments, but they are not effecting, I first need to wiggle the slider a bit. That’s cumbersome. And makes the other adjustments (like masks) a bit of a gambling. I don’t know if the distortion correction also includes “correction” of the masks?

But of course, it is not DxO’s problem, when a lens manufacturer saves some money for better corrections.

Capture One’s is doing a bit of a lazy, yet reliable job here. Instead of including lens profiles, they take manufacturer’s profile and with this lens they are getting away, although I believe to see a bit of pincushion distortion (it’s a barrel shape, originally). So, somebody went a bit into overdrive.

However, thanks to that “issue” I just learnt about the automatic perspective correction in DxO. Not bad… and for simple subjects a time saver.


  • Does it mean that you select let’s say 10 images, apply Barrel intensity = 45 and then when you switch to these images one by one the Distortion value is not 45?

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,

no, the value would be 45 in all 10 images. But the effect would only be visible in the image selected. Then I’d click on each of the remaining 9 images. Nothing happens until I activate the slider to just move it to say44 or 46 and suddenly (an in my impression) the image jumps from 0 to 44 (46). To me it appears the effect is not shown. I’ll try to do a screenmovie later this evening.

What I haven’t done: check the exported JPGs. I simply was busy with other stuff.
What I don’t know: There’s quite a difference between no correction and a value of 40-45. If I now draw a mask into the image which hasn’t “jumped” yet although the value shows it should become corrected - which region of the mask will not be affected?

Okay, I’ll be waiting for your screen movie.

Svetlana G.

Im used PM to transfer the link. The “failure” or whatever it is, is not reliably to reproduce. I could show it once, but three other attempts were flawless. One was with a MacBook Air M1, three with iMac. Out of the three 2× with S5 and 1× with S1R. Strange thing…

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Okay, thank you. In the meantime I moved your post to Mac section.

Svetlana G.