Make the Selective Tool panel collapse PROPERLY in PS CC 2018 for Mac

Please revert the selective tool panel back to the way Nik made it function in the Mac version of Photoshop CC 2018 please. The way it used to work was best. Hitting the “-“ collapsed it into a razor thin bar that stayed at the top of your screen but didn’t block anything. I can’t tell if it’s a bug or a change in the way it works, but now clicking on the “-“ makes this panel completely collapse and disappear from the screen. But if you go to the dock and click on the icon to make it reappear, it reappears as a hollow rectangle, which is totally worthless.

For me the last Google version works flawlessly on my 27 inch 5K iMac with the very latest Mac OS version as well as the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. I have been using Nik filters since the time where they actually cost close to $1000 if purchased à la carte. It is an essential part of my workflow and I have no problem spending $49 to support further development if I know that I can at least keep the same functionality that I had before with improved performance.

Hopefully someone from Dxo staff can respond to this before the $49 offer expires.

I do not know about the functionality you refer to as I am not a heavy user of Nik but certainly the Google version did not run flawlessly on my iMac and Adobe LR Classic. Either way we must not lose sight of the fact that come the next OS release by Apple support for 32 bit will be dropped. That means the Google version, which is 32 bit, is on run-out unless you are happy to stick with an old version of the OS. The updated DxO version is now 64 bit so future proof in that respect.

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Thanks for the response Colin. I will probably go ahead and purchase the DXO version JUST for the 64 bit speed.

DXO: perhaps you should mention this on your website under WHAT’S NEW! :slight_smile: