Make the same photo library accessible to different users/computers

It would be nice to have the data stored in the Library accessible to more than the current user on one computer.
Use case: Photos are stored on a USB drive and should be edited by more than one user (in my case: my wife and myself), but project association of photos cannot be shared between users.
There are two possible ways to achieve this:
1.) Store the project association in the sidecar files to each photo
2.) Store the Library in a different place, e.g. the root directory of the USB drive. Maybe make it possible to choose different libraries during startup
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I have asked a few years ago for the ability to create and select different databases but this does not seem to have been considered.

I’d love a solution along these lines too. Working with the same set of images (stored on an external drive) but on two different computers is a painful process with Photolab :frowning:

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I voted as well. I strongly prefer option 1 because the project associations can be retained even if the images move outside of Photolab.

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Yes, me too. Exposure X7 uses that solution and it works really well.

Option 2 may be okay for USB drive collaboration it would be very risky for network or cloud collaboration.

If each system retains its own database but the project information is stored in the sidecars then you don’t have to worry about corrupting an entire database if two are in at the same time. You may corrupt a few edits files, but you wouldn’t destroy the whole database.

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