Make the list of external applications editable (Export to application menu)


Currently an external application can be automatically added to the Export to application dialog box by browsing for the app’s executable path. When this has been done once, the app will reappear in the menu upon the next call to Export to application.

However, this entry sometimes needs to be modified (e.g. the path or the executable name have changed) or removed (app is no longer here). In that case, the modification can only be made by tweaking the config file :


This manipulation is not obvious for users not familiar with XML and is also error prone since any mistake made while editing the XML config file could compromise the whole DPL configuration.

Making this operation a little bit more user-friendly (understatement) will be welcome. If an entry addition is allowed, the entry removal operation should also be available to the user.

Ideally, a Lightroom like “External editors” dialog would be the best solution. But this has already been requested years ago. See Export to Application - Question - #3 by platypus .

not only that - a proper implementation needs to allow users ( as an option ) to set and save other parameters like whether I want to invoke the app with TIFF output from DxO PL in a specific color space or to invoke the app with DNG output from DxO PL with only optics corrections and NR applied, etc, etc - that is with just one click, instead of specifying those extra options all the time in a dialog box ( granted those who like to do this every time still shall have an option to do this )…

between export to application and export to files DxO managed to have a half cooked UI work in progress left sitting for a long while

Correct. I looked at the config file and this information doesn’t to be recorded.

There are already numerous requests to be able to edit the list of applications. I’m not sure that modifying existing entries was included, however. DxO staff used to reply to, consolidate, and manage these feature requests - but they don’t seem to be doing so anymore.

I believe DxO needs to be working on some of these UI/UX improvements for point releases (minor updates). It’s too bad that there is now zero indication that this will happen even across major releases.

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I would go further, at least insomuch as macOS is concerned.

On the Mac, the options for “Export to Application” and “Export to Lightroom” appear on the Share menu, along with whatever macOS has determined is appropriate. And many of those are really inappropriate — I never want to open a photo in the Xcode simulator, for instance.

I think there should be a menu additional to the Share menu. Let the Share menu have all the macOS ‘guff’ in it, but have one dedicated to exporting.

On this export menu I would want to be able to promote certain applications ideally along with certain settings to the top level. I never want to export to Lightroom, but frequently want to export to Topaz Sharpen AI and then always with the same settings. It would be such a big workflow improvement to just pick “Topaz Sharpen AI” directly off a top-level menu.

I believe this approach (notwithstanding ensuring Windows users are similarly looked after) would satisfy both @Pat91’s and @noname’s requirements, too.

Yes. Actually, this is an advocacy for a Lightroom-like external editor manager. You just right-click in the image and open it in one of the external editors defined in the External Editor Manager with the export parameters that you have specified there. I’m doing this too for Topaz Sharpen AI.