Make the backlog official

Dear DxO Team,

asking users what they need is awesome! I bought PL3 back then to support you make something better than Lr. Upgraded to PL4. The noise reduction is gorgeous etc etc…
I use it twice a year, because basic features are simply missing. You always tell us things are in the “backlog”, yet things seem to have been there for years. Some useful requests have been brought up four years ago and they still didn’t make it through.

Just make it official - tell us what you are working on on a specific webpage that is updated regularly and dedicate yourself to these goals. Inverting a picture for example is a feature that can be easily added within a day. Don’t hold yourself back from making the best Software out there, you already got the 80% done. Give us deadlines. Add a tick to the requests you have accomplished - it just boosts you to do even greater!

I still believe in you but I won’t buy PL5 or can recommend PL if we don’t continue progressing.

You got this! Thanks

PS: the most urgent stuff was well summarized here: Top 10 missing features

Most requests date back to 2019 :frowning:

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There are issues raised in the old forum, printing being one so it goes back further.