Make NIK perspective effex available as a plugin in Photolab

I have Photolab 5 and Nik collection 4. I would like to use perspective effex directly in Photolab rather then making an export to tif and loading it in photolab again. This makes for a workflow that is more interupted and gives unnecessary duplicates of files.

I know viewpoint exists. But it seems strange to pay twice for the same tool. This makes the DxO suite more expensive then it should be.

Viewpoint is available since long, and is completely integrated in PhotoLab as to activate it you only need to enter your Viewpoint licence key in PL, and you don’t even have to install Standalone Viewpoint if you don’t need it.

Recently DxO has added Perspective Efex in Nik suite, based on Viewpoint.

So we should consider that’s more paying twice in Nik than in PL as it is much more naturally integrated there.

For my part, I consider better to have DxO suite with Viewpoint and Filmpack integrated in PL simplify greatly the workflow and keep all modifications available for later changes with almost all tools like Nik.

But with Nik, everyone has its own choice, so better for everyone.

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I would ask why you bought the Nik Collection, given that PL does virtually everything that is included, when you add FilmPack and ViewPoint.

Do you also use Lr or PS so you wanted Nik Collection as plugins?

True. But I already have the NIK collection and not viewpoint. It would be nice if NIK comes with a licence key to also activate viewpoint. As it is the same software with two different interfaces.

That is a good question. I first bought the NIK collection as a seperate plugin to use with capture one express for Fuji. Only later I bought photolab as I liked it more than capture one.

In hindsight your suggestion is better. But now it feels double to pay again for the same software.

Because you started with Nik Collection for use as plugins, you presumably decided to upgrade that rather than switch to ViewPoint when you bought PL. Perspective Efex might be based on ViewPoint but is primarily intended for use only with non-RAW files and, thus, doesn’t include the necessary code to demosaïc RAW files. Unfortunately for you, they really are two different products and I can say with almost certainty that this feature request is never going to get a look in.

Well, Perspective Efex is based on ViewPoint, but ViewPoint [standalone] cannot open raw files
– different to FP5/6 [standalone], which unfortunately misses Prime / DeepPrime denoising.

@Wolfgang if I can just clarify - ViewPoint standalone cannot open RAW files but, integrated in PL, it certainly can. As you say, having it all in PL also means stuff like DeepPRIME NR also comes “for free”

I do have

  • DXO Photolab 5 Elite + FilmPack 6 Elite + ViewPoint 3

  • DXO PureRAW (first edition)

  • NIK Collection 4

….but I do only use DXO Photolab 5 Elite (+FP/VP).

Have i missed someting? Is it better to free up some space, removing the NIX collection and Pureraw from my iMac ?

If you’re short on drive space, removing duplicate apps looks like a good idea.

  • PureRAW: duplicates parts of PhotoLab.
    → Remove, unless you use it for ease of use…which you can get with appropriate preset in PhotoLab.

  • Nik Collection: hmm, keep the apps you regularly want to use
    → remove dfine, perspective and the sharpeners, they’re made obsolete, by what is called the “DxO Premium Bundle” (PhotoLab, FilmPack, Viewpoint).

  • Remove standalone FilmPack and ViewPoint apps, their functionality is built into PhotoLab.