Make it possible to see unsupported files in the PhotoLibrary

I don’t know if this is possbile, but anyway…
I often do a lot of layered work with pictures in PaintShop Pro or Affinity. I would find it very useful to be able to see them in the PhotoLibrary, even if I not could open them in Photolab! It would be even better if I just could open them in their native application directly form the library as well.


You say layered work. Do you mean Paint Shop Pro and Affinity’s interim native file formats used for layers? Besides being able to see them in PhotoLibrary you also would like to be able to open them in their native applications directly from PhotoLibrary? Is that correct?


Yes, that is what I mean. Of course I could open another file browser, say in PSP or Windows, but often one of my screens have the PhotoLibrary open anyway…

I never say never, but I believe both of those requests are highly unlikely to ever be implemented for a variety of reasons.


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I’m afraid you are right…
But all I would need to see was a box with the filename that sayd something like: Not supported by PL. It could even be an selectable option…

DXO is not a DAM tool (Digital Asset Management). You can use Adobe Bridge for free to do DAM work that will identify native app extensions (and tons of other DAM features).

Well, it sort of is a DAM for photos, even if say it’s not.

A very very limited one. Adding keywords and star ratings is not DAM.

Yes, and for those who don’t want to see – filter them out, which could be ‘standard’.

Sometime I don’t understand some responses.
Torstein is asking to be able to see some files INSIDE photolab browser (even if not able to open them, just knowing there are here) :

And the response is : “look with an other browser” …

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The problem is DXO plugs PL as can be used for Image Management (Access files directly and instantly locate your photos using dynamic search suggestions (New DxO PhotoLab 5)), but omits to point out only those formats it can process. No its not claiming to be a DAM but its publicity is nearly saying that and if it is to be a DAM will have to use formats it can’t process. But the way it is worded is a little dishonest until you know there is this limitation.

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Yes @JoPoV he is asking for something PL lacks or is very limited (viewing source files (PS, PsP, Affinity etc.). Hence why he should look somewhere else for those capabilities.

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