Make it faster!

Nik Collection has lots of great features but it takes forever to process & save your carefully crafted adjustments especially when using it with Photoshop SmartFilters.
Even on a really fast Windows 10 PC with latest high end graphics card there is a long delay as each save is made to the Photoshop layers.
I vote for prioritising some work to optimise the Nik code for faster operation.

Yes, more speed would be very welcome.
Especially because simply more CPU and GPU Power do not do the trick.

Yeah! Make it faster, that would be extremely good and increases usability. I’ve got a i7-7700K processor @ 4,8 GHz with Z270 Chipset and samsung 960 Evo SSD, 32GB RAM, 64-bit Windows 10. And copying a smart-object with Nik-Collection content needs about 60-80 sec! So please make the nik collection faster (maybe better using of cores?) Thank you!

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This is a good point. I was thinking about upgrading my PC but I notice Lightroom and Nik don’t see to use all available CPU although RAM gets taken up quite quickly.