Make a bloom /diffusion filter effect

Hello! everytime i need to make some sort of glow/bloom/diffusion effect on any of my images, i need to jump to photoshop and do it in the ugly way.

Why not just making a tool on Photolab to get full benefit of the raw format and all the dynamic range to make a tool for these very common and useful effects? Ala cinebloom filter style.

examples: Moment Unveils CineBloom Diffusion Filters for ‘Dreamy, Film-Like Vibes’ | PetaPixel

Thank you!

The closest thing I’ve used in the DxO arsenal is the Sunlight filter in Color Efex Pro (Nik Collection). It’s my most used filter in CEP. It probably isn’t an ideal representation of this effect, though. Without an actual diffusion filter on the lens, one can easily reduce contrast globally or locally - but making the light bloom requires more than just taking advantage of the camera sensor’s dynamic range. It requires scattering and softening the light. Increasing highlights or exposure (again, globally or locally) only produces a minimal bloom and shows the limit of relying only on the RAW data. So no surprise you’d need a pixel editor like Photoshop.

There is a blur slider in PL’s local adjustment toolset. I’ve used this to simulate a bloom, in addition to altering the image contrast. But again, it’s not a substitute for a real diffusion filter.

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Thank you for the self-voting tip :smiley: I thought that the post itself counts as the first vote :smiley:

When i was refering to take advantage of raw file i meant it as is easier to separate highlights and make them to bloom better (with more color information) than using a basic 8 bit image.

I don’t know if more people would be interested in such a feature, but i don’t really see why it cannot be done on a static single image editor like PL, we already deal with prime noise reduction, we can deal with another super intensive and computer demanding module :slight_smile: