Magnifying glass (of perspective tool of Perspective Efex) missing in PhotoLab perspective tool

Bonjour & Hello,

En utilisant Perspective Efex, je découvre la loupe de l’outil perspective. Cela aide vraiment à placer les points.
Cette loupe pourrait-elle être incorporée dans l’outil perspective de PhotoLab?

While using Perspective Efex, I discover the magnifying glass of the perspective tool. I find it very useful and missing in PhotoLab.
Could this loop be included in PhotoLab? It really helps to position the points.

Thank you !

Bonjour et bienvenue dans la communauté Pauline. Cela a été demandé à plusieurs reprises dans le passé et je pense qu’à l’heure actuelle, il y a une raison technique pour laquelle il ne peut pas être implémenté dans PL3. C’est cependant sur leur liste de choses à faire. D’ailleurs, vous pouvez voter pour votre propre proposition dans le coin supérieur gauche de la page.

Hello Pauline,

This has been also discussed here:


Bonjour Marc et merci, nouvelle sur le forum en effet :slight_smile:

Merci pour ce retour, je viens de lire des posts à ce sujet que j’avais manqué.

Désolée pour la redite et tant mieux si c’est sur la to do list. Ca me parait utile!

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Thank you @Pathal for your answer and sorry for asking anew.
I read the discussion, very interesting :+1:

After integregrating the perspective-tool into PhotoLab 6 elite version it would be great.

It seems this magnification while using the Perspective tool within PhotoLab was addressed years ago. I’m now using PL Elite 7.3 and the magnification has still not been added, on a PC, why?

When using ViewPoint as a standalone and also accessing ViewPoint through Photoshop as a plugin the magnification appears. Astonishingly, using DxO’s own tools and workflow, the magnification does not appear, again, why? Also, it would be nice to have a shortcut key to turn off magnification so it is at the user’s discretion, as certain circumstances warrant it being turned off briefly or altogether.

It’s these relatively small differences that prove to be largely frustrating, even irritating – just like not having the focal length and focusing distance not appearing permanently in Windows as it does appear on the Mac (even if unusable).

Here is a baseline, whatever can be done in the standalone version of ViewPoint, make it happen in PhotoLab too, with the same feature set in both Windows and Mac.

I’ve got full confidence in the DxO developers that this makes sense to do and that their skill set can allow them to make it happen … it’s been asked for with no response for too long. Having a consistent workflow is more important than having additional bells and whistles that show up differently on different operating systems and different programs is more of a hindrance than stepping back and ensuring all tools within the DxO ecosystem function and appear the same way throughout. This also means having UIs that also appear similar throughout the ecosystem, currently, they do not.

Great job in development so far. The DxO ecosystem is among the best tools out there, but there is certainly room to tidy things up.