Magic Mouse and tool tabs

Hi everyone,

I’ve have a problem opening tool tabs with my Magic Mouse. I sometimes have to click a tab repeatedly to get it to open. Am I missing a setting or is this a common problem in PL? My mouse works fine in all other programs.


It’s not just you. I have the same problem, ever since DxO changed the tab behaviour.

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I have the same impression. Also, when opening tools, many times I drag the tool to the position below instead of clicking it to open. I believe the sensitivity for dragging is too high and if you move the mouse just one pixel during click it is seen as a drag action.

I don’t have that problem in other software. So far I found it only a minor annoyance. Interesting too see that others experience the same.

Hi @Joe ,
Which OS and which version of PL do you currently use?


Hello Steven,

I’m on Big Sur and using a PL4 trial.


OK, thanks!
I’ll transfer the info to our mac testers.


PS/ one additional question: when you say “tab” you mean the “PhotoLibrary/Customize” tabs or the tabs ‘Light, Color, Detail, Geometry, Local Adjustments, Fx’ ?

This was discussed way back in December in this thread

Hi Steven,

It’s things like Horizon, Exposure Compensation, HSL, etc. Sometimes they work first click, other times 10+ with no action. They do turn on and off, it’s just opening and closing. The other tabs you mentioned open and close no problem.

Thanks for your help.