MacOS Directory refresh

I am a brand new user so I may have missed something obvious.

When I update my photo directory tree after launching PL 6 (MacOS), the PhotoLibrary tab does not see the changes. Is there a simple way to refresh this view without exiting PL and launching it again?

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On my Mac, changes in the folder structure or Finder sidebar appear in DPL’s sidebar in less than a second. Tested with DPL 6.1 on macOS Monterey on iMac 2019.


  • If you add info about your gear and OS, you can make things easier for the rest of us. You could also add that info to the name field of your account profile.
  • You posted your issue in the “feature request” section of the forum. If the issue is with Windows, your post could indeed be a FR…to which you could also add your vote: click on the blue “vote” button at the left side of the thread title.

The same for me.
If I add an image with the Mac finder to my current PL folder, I see this new image immediately in the filmstrip.

I just checked on PL6.1 and adding a new folder doesn’t show until I come and reopen PL.

I did exactly the same in PL5.6 without a problem

For me it’s fine with PL 6.1.0 on Ventura 13.1 on Mac mini M1.

Have you tried adding a folder to a folder that isn’t the current one?

Yes, absolutely.
My first try was to create a folder in Finder in the same folder that the current one.
So I double check by creating a folder in another folder completely out of them and it’s fine.

And I even tried to create on an external SSD and it immediately pop up in PL Library list.

I failed to include some important information about the directory refresh. My files are stored on a NAS and I was updating the directory remotely on a Windows system. So I copied a large number of raw files to a new location and PhotoLab did not detect this update.

I was also able to confirm that an update done through Finder was detected immediately.

If you Right-Click (for Win PL) on a directory/folder header, you’ll find there’s a “Refresh” option.

John M

Okay, this might be it. Neither Window nor the NAS advertise the change, I suppose.

In my (admittedly dated) experience, Macs don’t do well with network storage in general, and much software doesn’t either. Some explicitly warn against it.

I have a lot more experience with Windows systems and I was hoping that an option like Right-Click (Refresh) could be added to the Mac version of PhotoLab. Networks are an integral part of many computer environments and keeping the file view up to date is very useful.


Vote for the feature request - if you want “refresh” functionality.