MacOS Catalina users ditched by DXO?

Hi - I’m currently using Photolab Elite 5 and downloaded the V6 trial to see if DxO had delivered enough to warrant the upgrade fee this year.

Nope - V6 won’t run on MacOS 10.15. Without warning of any kind.

What’s the score, DXO?


DXO supports the last 3 OS from Apple, hence no Catalina. Has always been like this.

Except for the support page that clearly shows the supported macOS versions, that is.

Most software I use on macOS tends to support the last 2, 3 or 4 major OS releases. Especially with small publishers or indie devs, the support window can be a bit narrow (last 2 major releases). So I try to keep up-to-date if I can.

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Apple themselves only support the 3 last revisions of macOS in regards of updates and security patches.
So current release plus the two previous ones.

Many developers follow the Apples footsteps in this matter as it often is a complex, expensive and sometimes impossible task to implement new features and APIs for newer macOS and back port them into older macOS which lacks support for them.

That’s helpful, Sigi: one can really sense your care for years-long DxO users shining through…

If only I’d thought to look at paragraph 127, subsection 2, addendum 3, part 9.

Don’t blame me. I am not DXO and I am in the same boat as you, I am also on Catalina.

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It’s also on the first page of the release notes. :woman_shrugging:

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about? Is it that you paid for an upgrade that you can’t use? Then yeah DxO should prevent activation of the license on an unsupported OS version, so that you can get a refund automatically or easily.


The fuss (such as it is) amounts to little more than an expression of my frustration - that’s it.

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Thanks, Sigi - that made me laugh at the silliness of my initial response to you.

My apologies!