macOS 14.0, Sonoma

Is anyone using macOS 14.0, Sonoma with Photolab6, if so does it run ok? My old Mac is about to die I think so I need to upgrade to an M1 mini.


Yes. It works without any problem.

I am using it, and Sonoma has now updated to Sonoma 14.4.1 - runs fine, but is slower about a lot of things compared to my MacBook Pro with the M2 chip (which came down in cost when the M3 computers were release).

I’m still running PhotoLab 6, but some actions (involving graphics) are much slower than when I do the same things on my M2 MacBook Pro.

No complaints though, and I have no current plans to update my Mac mini with the Windows chip. Yet.

Thanks Mike. I’m looking to upgrade to the M1 hopefully that will solve the problems I’m having.


50 or so possible choices, various configurations and costs:

A bit too expensive for me Mike, I was thinking of one like this… eBay item number:166554924494