MacOS 1.15 and 64 bit - moving from Media Pro and missing features

Hello, this is my first post on DxO Forum so I hope this is the correct area to ask the Mac community these questions:

With MacOS Mojave 1.15 release coming soon I am preparing for the loss of my “go-to” cataloging app, Media Pro, because it’s a 32-bit app that will no longer run. DxO has many similar cataloging features but not all that are in Media Pro. Here’s a list of features I would like to have in DxO:

search by folder name
select images across multiple folders
select multiple images if full screen (light table)
slideshow selected images
mac - add folder from within app

I would appreciate any comments from DxO developers and users who might have suggestions how to accomplish these actions.

Thanks in advance, John

Hello and welcome.

You are looking to replace a fully fledged DAM with a top notch raw developer with some restricted DAM functions.
You will at the moment not find that in PhotoLab.
Perhaps PL will offer all those fully speced dam features some time in the future.

I myself use PL for its amazing image quality with a minimal work input. I combine PhotoLab as raw develiper with PhotoSupreme as a feature filled DAM solution. Moving from MediaPro to PSu is not that tricky.
These two applications works very well together - although not as a single app solution might do but they are perhaps the two best and cheapest high performance applications you can buy today.

If you dont want to buy a DAM there’s always FOSS digiKam to choose. Or wait for DxO to beef up PL some. :slight_smile:

Hi John,

Maybe Neofinder can help you ?
Make sure you read the Cross Grades from others remark.

I did take a look at PhotoSupreme and NeoFinder as possible alternatives to Media Pro. While they both offer DAM I found PSu to be either over-the-top for my needs or somewhat lacking (NeoFinder). PSu has too many options yet is not intuitive, although I’m sure with use this would become less of an impediment despite its lack of slideshow time interval and transition settings, whereas NeoFinderhas no slideshow and no light table which for me is a necessity to compare similar images.

If you’re reading this DxO please consider adding features listed in my original post because then I wouldn’t need an external DAM.