Macbook Pro M1, max. 32 gb. ram. 1tb for deep prime xd

My 2 PCs have become too old (2012) and slow, despite good 32gb ram (but too old GPU), for my new camera (60MP), and actually my 24MP camera with these PCs takes 10 minutes to handle deep prime :wink: in DXO Lab 6 Elite

So 2 new PCs or Macs. required and I want to try mac even though I’ve been using windows since 1999.

Just these days there are offers on the MacBook pro m1 max, with 32 GB ram, and 1 TB (2021 models), and it was a way to get started and see if Mac is something for me with this laptop?

If it works and it doesn’t take too long to get used to the Mac, I will also buy a desktop later.

  1. Any experience with this Mac ( MacBook pro m1 max, with 32 GB ram, and 1 TB, )… with DXO Elite - especially Deep prime XD ?

  2. It comes with Macos Monterey, but as far as I know can be updated to Sonoma, which is the newest - experiences with this Macos for the above?
    Are they both good for DXO?

The questions apply especially with cameras with many MP, e.g. 45-60MP.

Must say that with my current ancient PCs, the images themselves actually run really well in DXO 6 Elite, the ancient PCs handle transfers, RAW conversion and changes to images just fine, UNTIL I get to Deep prime, and especially XD, then it goes wrong, and that’s what I’m looking for, to be greatly improved.

  • Apple M1 Max chip 10-core SoC
  • 16,2” Liquid Retina XDR skærm
  • 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD

DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD work best with the Neural Engine on M-series Macs. To that end, every Mac except the top-of-the-line Mac Studio and the Mac Pro, both with M2 Ultra, have 16 Neural Engine cores.

So a MacBook Air has the same neural processing power as the most expensive MacBook Pro within a single generation. If you want the fastest without going to an Ultra chip, then you’ll be better off with an M3, M3 Pro, or M3 Max in your laptop. The M3 neural cores are about 60% faster than M1 ones and 15% faster than M2. There are still only 16 but they are faster.

With all that said, other parts of the software will, of course, gain significant performance from Pro and Max variants.

Thank You, but I am only interested in help in question 1) and 2) because Mac is very expensive, much more than pc.s with the same configuration, but now - as mentioned - there is an offer.

As I understand you I will be fine with this offer (for Deep prime XD)?

Yes, you’ll be fine.

I have a M1 MacBook Air I got in 2020 and use it for PhotoLab versions 5, 6 and 7 on macOS versions Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma.

I’m still running Monterey on my “production” iMac 2019 and plan to go to Sonoma in a few weeks time. I usually skip at least one version of macOS.

Thank You platypus= You are always helpfull.

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If you’re not already invested into the Mac ecosystem, just buy a new PC. Despite all the marketing, a middle of the range 3yrs old GPU from Nvidia is still faster than any M1 Max they try to sell you.
And if you can have a latest generation Nvidia GPU (4000 series) you will be even better served.

As you said, Mac computers are extremely expensive, and the price-per-performance ratio is way lower than a PC. If Nvidia completely owns the world of AI (95% of the global GPU AI computing power runs on Nvidia cards), it’s because they have a knowledge nobody else has, even Apple.

A side note: during the last Apple keynote, where they introduced the latest M3 chips, basically all charts compared M3 chips to M1 chips. Imagine Nvidia introducing their 5000 series GPU next year, comparing them to their old 3000 series cards. We would laugh at them…LOL

If you need GPU power, and deeprime / XD need GPU power, just go with Nvidia.


Yes this is normally the case, but the offer just now is nearly half price - and it is valid= Other still sell it about nearly the double price.

16.000 Danish crones to over 29.000 Danish crones.

And to get about the same speed a pc will cost about 25.000.

In a few days the offer will end ( black week)

What is Mac ecosystem?

(I am new to Mac)

I found it:

Macs ecosystem is ipad, Iphone and so on.

Yes You are right I do not have this, but my Leica Q3 will work better with Ipad Pro, than my Surface= There is a corporation here, so perhaps I also go for this later.

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Why did I buy Mac over PC?

Because, at the time, for the same screen size, speed, memory, disk size, it was about the same price as the equivalent Windows based laptop.

Then there’s all these apps that come with it, automatically updated, for free, in perpetuity…

So, I get apps that can both read and write Microsoft documents, subscription free and can edit PDF files, plus so much more.

Lastly, and more importantly for me, the Xcode development environment for free instead of having to pay for a Visual Studio subscription.

And, if I do need Windows, I can also install Parallels and have a virtual machine that can be backed up independently, so if Windows does fail, all you need to do is replace it with the backup.

So, when calculating the TCO for a Mac, don’t forget all these hidden extras.

Hi Kib,

This sound like a great comput… errrrr… MAC :grin: :+1:t4:
It will work just fine for PhotoLab.

I started my life with MS Windows, but one day I decided to buy a Mac.
I do not regret it. You need to dedicate some time to learn because it is a bit different and adapt yourself to love it.
If you are lucky you can try your new Mac and return it if you are not happy (7 days or 15 days), no ?

Thank You Joanne, but I do not think I can run Windows easily - found this:
Unfortunately since the introduction of M1 and M2 Apple Silicon ARM processors that task has become substantially more difficult. On these machines virtualization doesn’t work because Windows on ARM does not support x86 drivers10. jul. 2023.
(I do not know why it is turned “black” here?).

Hope I can install word ?

Thank You m-phot:

If it works, and no faults, I must take the time to learn it - but there is 30 days of return, I think.

Well that doesn’t agree with Parallels own site

It is available for both Mac and Windows. Personally I was more than happy to move to Pages, but I can still export to either Word or PDF.

Out of interest, what apps do you believe you would srill need Windows to run?

Interesting= Thank You Joanna.

I like to write directly in word and I do write a lot.

Beside that ( and I understand I can download it to Mac) = Nothing I just now can think about.

I still use Photoshop cs 6 ( + Nik software) and the old but discontinued Nikon Capture NX 4 also with Nik software included, but they will both dissapear anyhow when I have to say goodbye to w10 and going to W11 with a new pc/windows machine , so no real loss here going to Mac.

I do not know if I will miss more.

I am a bit exited about going to Mac.

Hope they still have it Tuesday.

You can order it, but the company is known for having cheap prices, but also known for not having the devices when ordering, so I have to drive about 200 km and see it with my own eyes before I pay.

Well, if you switch to the PhotoLab/FilmPack/ViewPoint bundle, you won’t be missing any of those.

Then you will not need the separate PureRaw or Nik Collection products as they are both integrated into the PhotoLab bundle in such a way that you never need to change apps.

If you do nothing fancy with Word… just let it go and use the simple but free “Pages” from Apple.

After my switch to Apple I decided not to use Microsoft nor Adobe Apps anymore, the Mac will work just better without those heavy Apps.

OK, I will try pages, but I’m so familiar with word, so I doubt I will change for good.

I can easily skip Adobe.

I really like the intuitive way DXO runs.

In Photoshop You have to know how to do ( mathematicaly) vs.DXO most of the features here You can learn it intuitively.

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How do you know? – Did you try or are you just guessing?

Can’t try because it works at my W10 now, and I have not shifted yet, as I describe, but according to fora at Photoshop - and other places - the possibility it works is minor, so I will not go for it with a pc/windows machine if I can get a cheap mac.

Got it - the new Macbook;)

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