[MAC]Trouble Loading Some Olympus EM-5 Images

I’ve had my Olympus EM-5 and used it with DxO Photolab (and Optics Pro) for a number of years now and never had a problem loading a ORF file. Today I went on hike and came home to find about 2/3 of my shots wouldn’t load. The error is:

“This image cannot be processed because of an unknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format.”

As I said, some of the shots from the same session are loading just fine. More importantly, I was able to load and view all of ORF raw images with Mac OSX Preview and Olympus Workspace (the new rendition of Olympus Viewer).

For full disclosure, I was using a new SanDisk SD card I purchased from Amazon and when I encountered this problem immediately suspected I got a bogus card that botched my photos. But, being that two other ORF-capable piece of software handle them just find, I’m still thinking the problem is Photolab.

Here are two photos I took seconds apart: D3284000.ORF (unloadable) and D3284001.ORF (loadable). If anyone would care to give these a try I would appreciate it.

FWIW, I have Photolab, running on OSX 10.14.3 on a 16GB 2018 Macbook Pro.



Just opened both files in DPL 2.2. Please update to this version you are still running an old version based on your number

Hi Sigi,

Thanks for checking the files and your suggestion.

When I go to PhotoLab > Check For Updates, I am told:

“DxO PhotoLab is currently the newest version available.”

Do I really need to pay another $90 USD to surmount a bug in 1.2, which I bought only 8 months ago?


I’ve it :disappointed:

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There must be something else in your case because some files are opened and some are not. I would open a support ticket.

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Will do. Thanks. I’ll report back afterwards, for posterity :slight_smile:

Hi @jasongabler

For your information, I have Photolab, running on OSX 10.14.3 on a 8GB 2016 Macbook Pro, and no issue with your images.

I was about to contact support and saw Pathal’s reply. This caused me think of completely uninstalling PhotoLab1 (including removing ~/Libraray/DxO*) and then downloading and installing again. It works now. I wonder if my configuration in ~/Library got corrupted. At any rate, it’s seeing the photos in question just fine now. Thanks again for all the feedback.


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