[MAC] Repair tool

With PhotoLab 3 I can select “repair” or “clone”. But once I selected “clone” it was impossible to come back to “repair”

Are you on a Mac or PC? On a PC you just click on the word repair and you have a drop done box which lets you switch between repair or clone.


Hello @pat,

Thank you for the report. First, which user are you Mac or PC?
Second, could you, please describe in details what you did when switching from Repair to Clone and vice versa got unavailable?

Svetlana G.

I am using Mac.
When I switch from “clone” to “repair” using the drop box, the tool selected remains always the “clone” tool.
In fact the first time I used Photolab 3 I had the “repair” tool preselected. But once I changed to the “clone” tool It was impossible to comme back to the “repair” tool.

Okay, thank you for the info.
@akarlovsky, please, have a look.

Svetlana G.

Hello, pat

Normally it should work without any problem so let’s try to identify what is the issue. We need some info from you:

  1. did you try to remove/reinstall Photolab?
  2. what Photolab version you have installed (3.0.0/3.0.1/3.0.2)? is it from the official website?
  3. do you have previous Photolab versions on your Mac? did you install version 3 as a new application or by upgrading from PL 2 or any other version?
  4. which OS do you use?
  5. does this problem happen on any image you have or only for some of them?
  6. did you have a sidecar from previous Photolab version on the image you first discovered the issue?
  7. what happens when you click on the dropbox (e.g. it’s not opened or it’s opened but unable to select ‘clone’ or you select ‘clone’ but ‘repair’ still remains selected)?
  8. is anything changed with the behavior if you just relaunch the application?

Best regards,

Don´t have the problem described. When I select repair, I can switch back without a problem. Same the other way around. When I reopen the tool it shows the tool last selected.
PL, 10.4.16

I am using MacOS Catalina version 10.15.1 and PL 3.0.2 build 24 from the DXO Website
I have previous Photolab versions on my Mac because I am using DXO software from a long time.
When I click on the dropbox it’s open and I can select “repair” or “clone”, but whatever I select the tool itself remains the “clone” one. It happen on any image.

Best regards