Mac photo does not send file to DxO when selecting "open with" DxO pl5

Trying to open Mac photo file directly in DxO through right clicking and selecting “open with” DxO pl5. Solution?

When you share something out of Photos with an app (example: Preview) it puts it in a folder called

> $HOME/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/private/{unique name}

Preview can open that, but if I ask PL5 to specifically open it, it will not. The film strip comes up empty. The Photos Library.photoslibrary/ folder is quarantined. In terminal, run the following -

> ls -l@ $HOME/Pictures

and it will show it’s quarantined. Additionally, all of the folders under photoslibrary are also quarantined.

Work-flow-wise, Photos is kind of dead end anyway, don’t you think? I don’t use it because it bugs the [*] out of me that I have to import something, meaning there are duplicate copies and wasted space, and if I want to edit an image, I simply go back to PL.

In DPL’s settings, we have a switch that enables/disables the look into Photo’s library. Have you checked that setting? It’s on the last tab.