Mac OS Catalina issues

I’m using the Nik Collection by DxO 1, since seeing all of the compatibilty issues announced about PL2 I wondered if this software is also affected in Catalina? If it is will DxO continue to issue updates to correct it, or will we be left high and dry?

…my guess would be that DxO will fix the current versions for Catalina and leave the rest as it is. I’d therefore not update to Catalina anytime soon.

Apart from that, DxO periodically offers rebates for their products that might help you bite the lemon. On the other and, if your products do what they must, why upgrade?

Far too late to have people advise me not to update:astonished: I updated last week as there were no advisories sent out to Mac owners about not upgrading then.

I object to upgrading to V2 when I have to pay over the odds for my ‘Free’ copy of PL2 when I have already paid for Elite. As you say, why bother when I’m happy staying with V1, I do not want to buy another PL2 version even if they swear it’s free!

Don’t agree. Its well known not to jump directly on to a new system. An advice you will find in every discussion. First try on another machine you don’t need for production, or on a seperate disk.
I therefore upgraded very late to Mojave, just 2 month ago. Its stable now, all apps and hardware meanwhile working. And like I did already before it looks like, Catalina will be another OS I will let pass by. To many limitations and bugs atm.
Or look here
adobe caught with his pants down :wink: And read the comments below of this article.

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sound advice. I usually do my first tests on a clean installed external ssd on which I also install the apps I really depend on - one of the most important things to test is the backup and restore strategy. After thoroughly using this setup, I clone my (prod) disk to another external ssd and upgrade it in order to find out if the upgrade works and what it might break.

Until about 2 months ago, I worked on macOS Sierra and only upgraded to High Sierra on my HDD based 2012 iMac. My new SSD based 2019 iMac runs on mojave though. Differences are notable enough and from my early tests with Catalina I know, that it will create major pain if you don’t tread carefully. Catalina is an island and you don’t want to end up like Robinson Crusoe :wink:

The OS was Beta tested for 4 months… Hardly new by the time it is issued. Surely all interested parties would be checking the software that they sell works. If not an advisory should be issued before the OS is officially launched. I bought DXO PL & NIK software 3 weeks ago. I expect for the £300+ it cost me for there to be no issues such as not being able to zoom in to 100%. Appalled!

I am fairly confident that DxO will produce a version that works with Catalina soon. Nevertheless, it is frustrating to get no notification about compatibility issues. It would be the polite thing to do…

I hope so too… Just a bit annoying especially as DXO software and Apple products for that matter are not cheap. You would just like products that you pay good money for to work… I look forward to DXO sorting the issues out, sooner rather than later.

With less money and more time you could go low cash-out with Linux. After the necessary build-up of know-how and experience it should be much cheaper… :wink:

Let’s hope that their solution is not for us to get it fixed by purchasing PL3!

Keep in mind that lots of 3rd party software, not just PhotoLab, are having difficulty with Catalina. That includes Adobe PhotoShop CC. Adobe suggests not updating to Catalina at this time and to wait until all the issues are sorted out. See my link below.

Before we condemn DXO out of hand, perhaps we should also consider that Apple may be partly to blame.

I find it interesting that in the Windows world when older 3rd party software no longer runs properly on a new version of the Windows operating system everyone seems quick to blame Microsoft, and recommendations to move to a Mac abound. But when current 3rd party software has problems running on a new version of a Mac operating system everyone blames the software vendors. Seems like kind of a double standard. Is that because Apple is perfect? :upside_down_face:


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Apparently, besides Photoshop and PhotoLab, both Luminar and ON1 are having compatibility issues. In addition I just read a post on another forum where a user of Canon’s Digital Photo Professional (DPP), is having compatibility issues since upgrading to Catalina.


The net is teeming with frustrated users of a large number of 3rd party software applications that have compatibility issues with Catalina, and I’m not even referring to the no longer supported 32 bit applications. Apparently these compatibility issues were not as simple to identify or fix as you suggest.

I don’t recall having ever heard of such a large number of current mainstream software applications having significant compatibility issues in previous Mac or Windows operating system upgrades. Photoshop, Luminar, DPP, ON1 and others are also having documented compatibility issues with Catalina.

There are obviously issues here that need to be addressed not just by third party developers but by Apple itself. Apple has already released their supplemental bug fix update #1:for Catalina a couple of days ago. In the coming weeks I expect that you will see more fixes being released by them.

My point is that it is very premature to blame DXO for this mess.


Let’s stop complaining and blaming someone. Shit happens and the things that need to be done ought to be done. All parties must do their share, one being communicating what is going on and when the estimated time of arrival might be. This might help. Finger-pointing does not.

Completely agree!


I agree with you