Mac OS Catalina Crash Issue

Hi. I have used Nik software for more than 10 years…from back in the day when it was a product of an independent German software company.

On switching to Mac OS Catalina, I was instructed that my old Google owned version no longer worked so a new purchase would be necessary.

I paid the fee and downloaded the Mac OS version, only to find it crashed my computer each time I used it in Adobe Photoshop.

Please advise or refund my money please.

Hello Lewis - have you contacted support already?

You should really post this in the Nik Collection section. This section is for PhotoLab, which is a totally different product

MacOS Catalina promises new features and big security improvements, but installing Apple’s latest operating system on your Mac can be tricky.

With all due respect I put greater trust in Apple than this software which is causing problems for Catalina users. I’m a long-long-term user of Nik and haven’t experienced any problems with it running on Mac OS over the last decade…until downloading this current version. BTW, I paid for this after buying the whole package and upgrades over the years. Not happy. Refund?

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What Sigi said. Also, my understanding is that, to request a refund, you must go to and navigate to customer support (or just go to

When it comes to Catalina bugs, I wouldn’t agree that Apple is much better.

Since macOS 10.15.2, I can no longer use Image Capture to download files directly from my camera via a USB cable. Apparently it is a known bug, which we now have to wait for a fix.

For Catalina (or every huge update) the best way is to do a clean install after formating the drive. It works like a charm here on my old iMac 5k from 2014.

You can also try Shift + Option + Command + R.

Here’s a link for option