[MAC]Nikon Coolpix 5000 series NEF support

Hi there.
Was surprised that PL3 do not support NEF files from CoolPix 5000/5200/5700.
It saying error file cant be read.
Any kind of play e.g. via conversion to DNG is not helpful.
Capture NX2 and PS4 opening same NEf files w/o any issue.
Im not sure if there are many customers who has tons of pix from 90’s when Coolix were flourishing, but if DXO may implement PL3 support for Nikon NEF from Coolpix that can be very nice (at least for me).
Anyone experiencing same issue? I see that Coolpix 8400 was also on the table.
p.s. PL3 on Mac.


Dear Svetlana, any update on CoolPix5XXX RAW files?