[MAC] Minor Filmstrip UI improvement for triage

Amongst so many worthy requests for new functionality, I noticed a comment from DxO that there is work being done on UI improvements. My request seems very minor but would save me frustration and time.
On a 27inch retina display I have just completed a triage (accept/reject/delete) for more than 5000 photos, many of which are similar. My workflow is to make changes to the first in a series, then select along the strip to copy to the rest. Then I move along the film strip to triage. I have my filter set that it does not show rejects, so they immediately disappear as soon as they are set. It can be very fast work. The amount of times I incorrectly rejected the wrong photo was maddening. I would help if the selected photo in the filmstrip was a substantially different colour to the non-selected. A small thing, but would have helped.

Hi Gary - - My FilmStrip looks like this; with the selected image (2nd from left) quite obviously differentiated.

… Does yours look different to this ?


Thanks for the reply John. If only!. Here’s mine attached. I’m on a Mac are you?

Ahh - that’s the difference then … I’m on Win10.


PS. Looks cold where you are … Conversely, we had a crazy 42C day here yesterday (107.6 F) !!!

Those are old pics John. Currently it’s a toasty 8C. Heard about your weather problems on the news. Dead fish and horses everywhere (apparently).


I to find the barely highlighted selected frame very annoying as well.
I so often make a mental mistake and thinking “all others are selected but that one”

Should not be more then changing the color value in the code to something like the Windows version John is using.


Light grey on black is very frustrating! Why can’t we Mac users have blue for selected images the way the Windows users do?