[MAC]Got an error message that my drive has a configuration which is not supported by PL?

This morning I got an error message that my ‘drive is configured in a way which is not supported by PhotoLab’! What problem? I hadn’t any problems before (OS X, Catalina 10.15.1)

Have a look here: https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012433187-Error-we-have-detected-that-some-of-your-hard-drives-are-configured-in-a-way-that-is-not-supported-byDxO-PhotoLab-

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@Sigi Thx for the link. I checked the UUIDs of my drives but there’s no duplicate. Weird.
After I restarted PL I did not get this message anymore.

I also see this occasionally but not consistently. I have assumed it is because my photos are stored on an SMB file share. I have not noticed any negative outcomes as a result.