Mac bug | Command+W QUITS PL5

As we know, Command+Q will quit a program, not Command+W.
Anyone else have this bug?

I’m on the latest versions of Monterey, PL on 2021 MacBookPro M1Pro.

Cannot test right now, but I remember having had this effect a few years ago. If I remember correctly, cmd-w would close customize view, which was another window back then…

Also, there is a macOS setting that can quit an app when its last window closes, but again, I’m not sure about that either…

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Thanks. Just looking at the PL manual now and there’s no Command+W for the customise tab anymore.
This C+W keeps tripping me over when I think I’m closing an email or server.

Command-W is indeed “close window” but it is reasonably common for that to close an application that only has one window, which is strictly true of PhotoLab. Though I agree that the Customise “tab” should be treated as a window as it has an obvious relationship to the PhotoLibrary tab.

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In fact, Apple’s Photos app behaves the exact same way. Command-W closes the application, even from an open photo.

I see. Interesting. I never have used an app like that where com+W Quits it. It does make sense then, that Com+W would close PL being one window, and that, compared to 99% Mac OS software, is a flaw if it disrupts workflow. Something to drop in the suggestion box at DXO.

Indeed, same here. But when i have the picture browser selected on my 2nd monitor, apple+w only closes this. Seems to depend on the app. Apple+w with iTunes for example, just closes the window, no quit. This is in my experience also the most common behaviour.

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Thanks, I’ll make sure the pic browser is always in the other screen.

That makes perfect sense from a purely technical standpoint. The picture browser is a separate window, so that’s what closes.