[MAC] Additional ver. 2 after installation of ver. 3

I have installed (macOS) and activated PhotoLab 3 Elite. In my program folder now there are two Apps: PhotoLab 2 + 3

I had never installed PhotoLab before ver. 3, where did version 2 come from? So, what do I do with it? I don’ t need ver. 2.

Welcome Kazuhisa

Installed by Nik Collection !?

Have you downloaded the Nik Collection? If yes, it comes bundled with PL2.
PL2 and PL3 are installed completely separately. In other words you can just delete PL2 and move it to trash.

All right, with the NIK Collection PL 2 will be installed, even if PL 3 exists.

I used the NIK Collection as demo for 3 days, but then I noticed that what I wanted to do with it wasn’t possible. Then I deleted it - without knowing that PL 2 was installed with it.

Thanks for your help, I will remove PhotoLab 2 with AppCleaner.

What did you want to do?

Yes, and no !

You are given the opportunity to install PL2 (during the installation of the Nik Collection) … You can either accept this invitation, or you can cancel it.

John M

Hi John.

This is true for Windows.

But on Mac there is no question. PhotoLab is installed along NIk or not depending on your current version oh PhotoLab 2 installed or not.

Ah - OK.